Work with Realtors That Understand Real Estate Investments and Practice What They Preach

We are a team of local real estate investors who are also Realtors. With a combined 26 and growing buy and hold rental units and several successful flip projects under our belts, we have the knowledge and experience to help any investor achieve their long and short term goals. 




Kris Bohman

Kris Bohman is the owner of Value Driven Realty, a relentless innovator of the real estate industry and the creator of “The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate.” He is a life long Alaskan, grew up in the remote town of Tok Alaska and moved to Anchorage at the age of 11. He is married his beautiful wife, Katya and now has a wonderful 2 year old daughter, Isabell. Kris has always had a passion for real estate, investing particularly. Kris has been working in the real estate "industry" for over 10 years. Spent many years in construction, learning the ins and outs of building real estate. He has a wide ranging knowledge base spanning construction, lending, buying and selling, and is an active real estate investor. Kris has built a healthy investment portfolio starting from just 1 unit and multiplying 15 fold. The combination of experience in the construction industry, real estate sales and Investing has made Kris a knowledgeable, proactive real estate professional.

Jared Reutter

Jared grew up in Virginia and at the age of 18 years old, he joined the Marine Corps. In the Marine Corps, he served oversees including Kenya and Afghanistan.  After being honorably discharged, Jared pursued his passion and went to flight school to become a commercial pilot.  In 2012, Jared moved up to Alaska to start his aviation career in Western Alaska.  For the last four years, Jared has flown and lived in several rural villages throughout the state.  As an investor, Jared started accumulating and managing his own rental properties.  Since expanding his real estate portfolio, Jared obtained his real estate license to assist others in finding the right properties.  Outside of work, Jared enjoys the outdoors from camping, hunting, and adventurous sports such as skydiving and rock climbing.